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I am NotQuiteIdrA and my teammate is ChoclateRain. Our opponents are Rhesusmonkey and Bloodheal. This is a ZZvZZ. I am the turquoise Zerg on the bottom left.

Screencap 1: My buddy and I saw they were making early pools, so we 10pooled in response. We didn’t know they weren’t gonna attack for a while. They made their early pools then droned up. Which really worked out for them as you can see, we were expecting them, so they had time to start outproducing us in drones. They are finally sending their first attack in right about now at 6:30. If you will note, I have 14 drones at this point.

Screencap 2: it’s now 8 minutes into the game. Their first attack just ended, and I took the brunt of it. I am left with 4 drones and no queen. My 2nd queen is about to finish up now.

Screencap 3: Our opponents decided to use this opportunity to expand. So we countered and took out both of their expansions. I’m up to 12 drones at this point. Making progress.

Screencap 4: dfs89df89ypdf98ygy89dfg89y I was up to 21 drones before this attack came in. Shit ton of roaches took out my one and only base. FML

Screencap 5: Luckily my macro is shit and I had a ton of money sitting around. So I made nothing but drones.

Screencap 6: Oh cool. They took out my friend’s main too. He didn’t want it anyway. Mains are overrated. But my buddy has mutas. If you peek at the top left corner, you can see my buddy used his mutas a bit earlier to take out almost all of Red’s drones. So that’s good at least. But now neither of us have a main base. All my friend has is an expansion with 4 drones. We’re toast.

Screencap 7: I figured I had money and drones so I better expand… but they would get a message as soon as I did telling them I rebuilt my base! So I had to put it in the last spot they would check! RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR FUCKING BASE

Screencap 8: I get the base up. My friend’s expo got taken out so suddenly I have the only mining base left. Sweet. How did this happen? I dunno. Mutas helped. Our opponents being idiots and never making anything that could hit air was awesome too. Also our opponents being idiots and not checking the expos right by their bases was pretty sweet.

Screencap 9: Our opponents try one last attack with a bunch of lings and 3 queens. I lol’d


So basically my buddy and I went from having no mining bases at all to winning. The main reason we won? My macro sucked and I had left over money to build a base. Haha, obviously I’m just kidding. Had I spent that money before my base got destroyed, I prolly would have had a big enough army to defend. Maybe. Anyway, this was a pretty sweet comeback. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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